The Wheel of Fatburger is back for more tasty giveaways, but this time we’ve upped the ante!

From September 16th to October 3rd, you’ll have TWO chances every morning show to play for a 50 Dollar Gift Card to Fatburger. CRAZY, I KNOW!

To play, be prepared to have your random knowledge tested by James Anthony and Mel by spinning The Wheel of Fatburger! The wheel could stop on any category like “speed round”, “ Music Guru”, or “Name that Clip” to name a few categories. So hit the books!

Be ready for anything when it’s time to dial (780)-791-0979 and spin The Wheel of Fatburger!

Contest Rules:

  • ONE PLAY PER PERSON PER DAY. You can try again a different day if you don’t win
  • ONE GIFT CARD PER PERSON. If you DO win- Congrats! Now let other people have a chance at winning
  • You must not call in if you’ve already won something in the last 30 days