Council voted unanimously to take down our beloved Weather Catcher aka ‘The Mister’.


Mayor Don Scott called it an eyesore that has no purpose in the region.

“I couldn’t be happier that Weather Catcher is going down. I would’ve gone out and torn it down myself, if needed. We heard about the costs to keep it going and the various safety concerns. It was not worth it to keep that thing up.”

Built in 2015, the $2.2 million art piece structure or giant piece of scaffolding became a fixture of Jubilee Plaza.

Maintenance on the structure costs $23,000 annually, while the teardown would cost $20,000.

According to the figures from procurement, Mayor Don Scott says disposal should take between 10-30 days to complete.

Pope and Mel share their memories on the glorious structure which really…did nothing for 4 years.

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Ben Maddigan

Pope & Mel bid farewell to 'The Mister'

Originally Aired: June 12, 2019

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