Three Ep’s, 30 Albums, 43 singles and only one number 1 song. Over the last 26 years, Korn has pioneered the nu metal age. Korn formed in 1993 when James Shaffer, Reginald Arvizu, and David Silveria split off from LAPD and formed Korn. They started recording there first album self titled Korn in May of 1994 and it hit the shelves October 11th 1994. They didn’t include a page with the lyrics in the ablum to have “people really listen to the music“.

Korn’s self-titled debut album landed at 72 on us charts and reaching Double Platinum that means it sold about two million copies in the USA. There third album Follow the Leader is there best selling album  BY FAR going five times Platinum meaning over 50 million album sales just in the Untied States. Alone. An additional 30 million in Australia and Canada that’s over 100 million copies sold in just three countries.

Korn still didn’t have a number 1 sing till 2013 when Never Never was released in and it lasted for three weeks at the top of the charts!

We are expecting a new album later this year from Korn.


Listen to Korn – Never Never below


Past Banger’s:

The Beaches  – Fascination

Palaye Royale – You’ll be fine

Mother Mother – Get up

The interrupters – She’e Kerosene

Barns Courtney – Fire

PUP – Can’t win

Jade Bird – Uh Huh

The 1975 – Love It If We Made It

The Raconteurs – Sunday Driver

Alexisonfire – Familiar Drugs

Tom Morello – Every Step That I Take

Motley Crue – The Dirt(Est. 1981) Feat. Machine Gun Kelly

Rammstein – Du Hast

Buckcherry – Everything

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Under the Bridge

Nirvana – Pennyroyal Tea