After taking a small hiatus Banger of the week is back so I chose a band that just came out of a hiatus. 2011 was not a good year for Jack White two of his bands broke up and we all know that the white stripes are not back together so we are talking about the other band, The Raconteurs. Since reforming in 2018 they have released 2 songs Sunday Driver and Now That You’re Gone. Now if you’re not sure who The Raconteurs are you probably know there only number 1 Steady As She Goes. The Raconteurs aren’t a super group per say but they are all busy guys as mentioned Jack White is in the band and in the early 2000’s he hand his hands in a lot of stuff, and still does, just releasing his 3rd solo album Boarding House Reach back in March, the other three guys are busy with The Greenhorns, solo work and much more so not surprising that these guys needed a break. Still no new album from the Raconteurs but new music at least.

Listen to The Raconteurs Sunday Driver below:




Past Banger’s:

The Beaches  – Fascination

Palaye Royale – You’ll be fine

Mother Mother – Get up

The interrupters – She’e Kerosene

Barns Courtney – Fire

PUP – Can’t win

Jade Bird – Uh Huh

The 1975 – Love It If We Made It