For this weeks Banger I have chosen a band pretty high on my favorites list so be kind please. The 1975 are an Indie pop band from Manchester England. Love It If We Made It is off The 1975’s newest album A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships (they have another coming out in a few months). Love It If we Made It is the gem of hope amongst all of the rubble” says Mat Healy lead singer. The band formed in 2002 when they met in high school, they went through a bunch of names like You Versus Them, Forever Drawing Six, Talkhouse, The Slowdown, Bigsleep and Drive like I Do before finally settling on The 1975 inspired by scribbling found on the back page of a poetry book that said “1 June, The 1975”. Like with there band name they like to change there sound having a wide range over a single album being descried as electro pop, funk rock, indie, pop rock and just plain on rock. The 1975 got range. The thing I like most is the lyrics that Healy pumps out through his song and he isn’t scared to talk about anything in his songs nothing is off limits.



Listen to Love It If we Made It by The 1975 off of A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships Below:


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