For Banger of the week we have toured the world lately and now it is time to head back home to Canada, more specifically Toronto. This week we are highlighting Pathetic Use of Potential more commonly know as PUP. The song this week is featured on their 2016 album The Dream Is Over. The album title has an interesting back story it’s what a doctor said to lead singer Stefan Babcock. After two long years of touring and over 400 hundred shows Babcock knew there was something wrong with his throat. After getting a scope shoved down his throat all the doctor could said was “I don’t know what else to tell you but the dream is over”. Needless to say the dream wasn’t over for PUP or Babcock with the Album The Dream Is Over being a smash hit. It was number 11 on the New York Times best album list of 2016, 19 on Noisey’s top 100 albums of 2016 and 22 on Stereogum’s list of top albums of 2016.

Listen Below to Can’t win by PUP off the album The Dream Is Over




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