I am bringing you a true banger, up till now I have been getting a lot of criticism from some people mostly Taylor Pope saying decent song not a banger(He approves of this BTW). So a trio of brother and Amiee Interrupter are bringing you a certified banger. The first banger of 2019 and the first non Canadian band comes from a band formed in 2011 The Interrupters. They are breathing SKA back to life and there newest release She’s Kerosene and it’s rocking the world, peaking at number 4 on US alternative charts, still holding number 1 on the Canada rock play charts, number 8 on Rock play charts for the rest of the world that keeps track and number 20 on the Hot rock songs in the U-S of A.


Listen to the song below:


Past Banger’s:

The Beaches  – Fascination

Palaye Royale – You’ll be fine

Mother Mother – Get up