You’ve probably noticed how the station has rebranded as “Gord FM” for the next few days, to celebrate the life of Canada’s greatest poet. So I figured the Rock Report should do the same. Instead of the usual link round up of random music news, Here’s a few links to Gord related stories and videos – with some fun tidbits at the end!


  • Check out an interactive map of Canadian locations mentioned in Tragically Hip songs – DETAILS


  • Check out a timeline on Gord Downie’s rise to fame – DETAILS


  • A recap of all that Gord has done for Brain Cancer Research – DETAILS


  • Watch the earliest rendition of “Ahead By A Century” mid song during “New Orleans Is Sinking”



  • We couldn’t do something like this without sharing “Killer Whale Tank” – If you haven’t heard this before, enjoy:



  • Indigenous leaders pay tribute to Gord Downie – DETAILS


  • Celebrities react to Gord Downie’s Death – DETAILS


  • Trudeau makes a statement on Gord:


A few fun facts about Gord

  • Downie’s godfather is Harry Sinden, former coach of the Boston Bruins. Sinden was a also a real estate developer who helped Downie’s parents find their home in Amherstview, Ont.


  • During a 2003 session of MuchMusic’s Intimate and Interactive, Downie revealed his favourite band at the age of 13 was Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. “I bought that record but I thought they were kind of New Wave-y but all the way New Wave,” he said.


  • He appeared in two episodes of Trailer Park Boys as well as in their self-titled film. The show’s characters appeared in the Hip video for “The Darkest One,” with Downie negotiating a deal: a stolen car in exchange for “two buckets of chicken and a drive to the liquor store.”


  • Downie’s birthday of Feb. 6 is shared by the legendary Bob Marley, Guns N’ Roses (and now AC/DC) singer Axl Rose and the immortal Rick Astley.


  • Gord Downie wrote the majority of the Tragically Hips music, but shared royalties and song writing credits equally with his bandmates


  • The Hip once played Saturday Night Live:


  • Gord Downie had a theme of using water in his lyrics. “Water is stronger than rock,” Downie said in an interview. “Water threatens to, at anytime, flood in and obliterate the chalk drawing. We leave a temporary impression similar to that of a hull on the surface of the sea. I could go on and on.”


There’s so many more facts and tidbits about Gord to share – post your favorites in the comments!


~ Daly