On October 12, 1978 Sid Vicious was arrested at New York’s famous Chelsea Hotel after the body of 20-year-old Nancy Spungen had been discovered.

Sid had been staying in room 100 at the hotel for quite some time. He had called down to the front desk to say that something had happened to his girlfriend.

It turned out that Nancy was dead due to multiple stab wounds to her stomach.

After the Police arrived, Sid was promptly arrested for her murder. It was 3 months later that Sid would be found dead by his mother due to a heroin overdose. Soon after Sid’s death, the case was closed on Nancy’s death and no new charges came against anyone else.

The whole affair was made into a documentary in 2009 called “Who Killed Nancy?”

Whether you believe Nancy was killed by Sid or not, there is no denying the drama of the story, or the raw sound of the Sex Pistols

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