Pete Potipcoe

Listen to Pete Potipcoe in the mornings on 97.9ROCK

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Garner Andrews Show

Monday to Friday at 11am-3pm
97.9 ROCK is proud to bring Garner Andrews to Fort McMurray, every weekday from 10am to noon and 10pm to midnight. With some of the funniest bits, callers, and rants in Canadian radio, Garner Andrews will bring his unique and popular style to the 97.9 ROCK airwaves day and night!

The Pope Show

Weekdays 3pm-7pm
Enjoy the Afternoon with The Pope Show!

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Evenings with Bobby

Weekdays 7:00pm-10:00pm
Hey y’all, I’m Bobby – evening and weekend jock for 92.7 Rock. When I’m not blasting music through the big speakers in the 92.7Rock studio, I’m blasting music through amps and PA systems with my band! So, it’s either those 2 things, or staying up till 4am playing video games. OH! And I consume entertainment news like a black hole that’s been stranded on a desert island for a year. Yes, that makes no sense… but neither does my show, so get used to it.

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Wheeler in the Evening

Weekdays 10:00pm - 12:00am
Dave Wheeler along with Rena Jae, David Turnbull & Kelly Butler have set the bar on “They said what?!”. You’ll roll your eyes, grab your head and split your side…..and then you’ll run for help. They’ll cover everything from Music, Politics, Lifestyle, and of course tons of nonsensical topics that you’ve always thought about, but never dared to bring up in public.