This “stage” was built about 2 years ago at the same time as our 2.2 million dollar weather catcher that pees on itself. It has never really been used that I know of, has ugly fences around it all the time so kids don’t get hurt and sue playing on it and now it just rots away.

I guess nobody across the road ever had to apply thompson’s waterseal to their fence as a kid because its all cracked and looks worse than Jane Fonda’s face after you peel back the 9mm layer of make up on it.

I saw some kids try and skateboard it the other day and cheered from my truck as FINALLY it was going to get some use, but the security guard sprung into action and kicked them out  to make sure NOBODY ever uses the stage.

I have to wonder what this monstrosity cost? I have heard rumors of a quarter million bucks. Seems like money well spent to me!

Isn’t it beautiful!!! *Fart noise*